Kategora Hungary, as a Hungarian subsidiary of the Spanish Kategora Real Estate, has been providing real estate investment advice, property sales, property management and development services in Hungary for several years.

Our comprehensive activity is based on our deep knowledge of the property market of Budapest and on the devoted work of our highly educated colleagues.


We offer the following services to our Customers:

Real estate investment advice: our objective is to help our Customers to find professional investment solutions. Our advices can help our international and domestic customers to achieve a yield over the market average.

We focus on finding the best properties for our investors. In order to achieve this goal, we continually monitor the developing districts too, in quest of the newest and most profitable real estate investment possibilities.


Property management, comprehensive property services: the objective of our property management and leasing activity is to ensure the best return for our real estate investor customers. Our high quality services are customized, and our customers are relieved from the administrative charges related to their properties.

We manage several hundreds of apartments that are mainly rented by foreign university students and foreign managers working in Budapest.


What we offer to our Customers:

  • We find appropriate lessees;
  • We manage revenues and expenditures;
  • We keep contact with the common representative of the building;
  • We offer up-to-date legal and accounting information for domestic, European or third country investors;
  • And we provide property furniture and development.


Kategora Hungary provides access to a property management portal, the QDEA, for its Customers.

By the help of this QDEA, we ensure complete transparency to our Customers regarding their properties. The portal provides access to the following information:

  1. Data related to the Lessees
  2. Documents related to the property (for ex. lease contracts)
  3. Statement of Revenue
  4. Inputs and expenditures

According to the needs of our actual clientele,

  • we manage 3 apartment hotels in Budapest,
  • and more than 100 properties.


Our property management references: